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The value of an MVS education is priceless. The returns are lifelong. Our challenging academics and Immersion Method philosophy are unparalleled to any other educational opportunity in the Dayton area. At MVS, we stand for personal excellence, experiential learning, intellectual curiosity, leadership development, individuality, and community. We do more than prepare students to score well on a standardized test someday. We empower them to live life to the fullest every day, to discover their passions and purpose, and then to responsibly pursue them with emotional and intellectual rigor. At MVS, we prepare students for college and beyond.

As an independent school, MVS relies on tuition dollars for teacher salaries and other operating expenses. Tuition for the 2017-18 school year ranges from $8,140 for the early childhood school half day program (3 1/2 hours daily) to $20,827 for the upper school.

To help make MVS affordable for mission-appropriate students and their families, financial assistance is offered. More than $2 million is typically allocated to about half of our students.

Need-based aid is the most common form of assistance - find more details on this web page. Merit scholarships are available for promising middle and upper school applicants who stand out above the rest of the applicant pool.

Several payment plans are available to assist families in managing their tuition obligation. Details can be found on this web page.

Additional costs may apply to students attending MVS. In the lower school, these fees may include overnight trips ($100-900) and athletic fees for team sports ($60). In the middle school, fees may include books ($20-100), Camp Joy field trip ($70-165), the Project Period travel immersion program ($350-600), and team sports ($80). In upper school, books can cost $200-800, the month-long Immersion program runs $75-5,000, and the athletic team fee is $90. Students may order lunch at an additional cost. And the after school program is an extra charge for students through middle school.

All fees other than lunch and books are billed monthly through the MVS business office. Books are available through the textbooks link on the academics page of the website. Lunch accounts are coordinated through W.g. Grinders.

Tuition Payment Plans

One-time Discounted Payment

For returning students who do not receive financial assistance, net tuition may be paid in full by April 1 with a 2 percent discount. The enrollment deposit is not discounted.

One-time Payment

Tuition may be paid in full by June 30 with no additional charges or fees.

Payment in Two Installments

Under this option, 60 percent of the net tuition is due by June 30, and the remaining 40 percent is due by January 2. This option requires the Tuition Refund Plan at a cost of 1.8 percent of net tuition.

Monthly Payment

This option allows tuition payment over a 10-month period (July through April). An interest charge of 1.5 percent of the unpaid balance applies and the Tuition Refund Plan is required at a cost of 1.8 percent of net tuition.

Need-Based Financial Assistance

At MVS, we accept mission-appropriate students regardless of a family’s financial capabilities. We seek young people of promise who have the potential to develop into self-sustaining learners in a diverse community of compassionate global citizens. For the families of those students to all be able to consider an MVS education, we offer financial aid for families with demonstrated need.

As a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, MVS uses School and Student Services (SSS) to assess financial need. Based on the financial information you provide, SSS calculates an estimated amount that your family can contribute to educational expenses. That estimated family contribution enables MVS to make fair and balanced financial aid decisions. The SSS Family Guide to Financial Aid provides a description of the process and helpful guidance for families in managing the costs of an independent school education.

A few notes to keep in mind:
  • MVS may not consider requests for financial assistance after enrollment decisions are made for that year.
  • Current families who encounter changes to their financial situation necessitating assistance should consult the Director of Financial Aid as soon as a payment challenge is anticipated.
  • The financial aid application must be completed prior to each year of attendance for a student to be eligible for need-based assistance that year.

Application for Need-Based Aid

Step 1) Parent Financial Statement

Complete the online Parent Financial Statement (PFS). The application includes a processing fee charged by SSS. In a divorced or separated family, a separate PFS must be submitted for each household. In your PFS, indicate The Miami Valley School as a recipient of the report. Our school code is 5062.

  • Applications for financial aid may be begun as early as October 24, 2016. We recommend applications be submitted in January once the family has complete calendar year data for 2016.
  • Applications for returning families are due February 6, 2017.
  • Applications for prospective families are due February 27, 2017, or by the time the admission file is complete if that's later than February.

Step 2) Required Documents

W-2/1099 - By February 6, 2017 for returning families and by February 27, 2017 (or the date the admission file is complete, whichever is later) for prospective families, copies of the Wage and Tax Statements (W-2) and/or Miscellaneous Income Statements (1099) for 2016 for each parent or guardian MUST be received by SSS. Please upload the documents through your account at the SSS website or mail them to SSS.

1040 - By April 15, 2017 for returning families and by April 15, 2017, or the date the admission file is complete if later, for prospective families, signed copies of the 2016 Federal Tax Return (1040), including all supporting schedules and forms, MUST be received by SSS. Your financial aid package is tentative until your 2016 Federal Tax Return is received by SSS.

Find instructions for submitting your documents here -

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