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Parents are an essential part of The Miami Valley School community, and your support makes a real and positive difference. We encourage you to increase your involvement this year in any way you can. Whether you have just a couple of hours to volunteer, or are able to make a bigger commitment, we value your participation and appreciate your support.

Counseling & health

Your child’s physical and mental health are our top concerns. We have a dedicated staff devoted to our students’ mental and emotional well-being, and health education.

Health Forms

Early Childhood School

Ages 3-5

We offer a warm, safe and nurturing environment. It’s where a child’s learning and imagination first take flight.

Lower School

Grades K-5

Hands-on experiences, both in and out of the classroom, complement a foundational education.

Middle School

Grades 6-8

As students grow, they’re encouraged to explore, investigate and begin to navigate their own path.

Upper School

Grades 9-12

Challenging academic study, experiential learning, community service, athletics, and more complete the MVS experience.

MVS In Action

The 5th Grade Presents Spring Break Beach Reads: an E-book Project
The 5th Grade Presents Spring Break Beach Reads: an E-book Project
Communications office
The fifth grade has been working hard outlining, writing and editing ebooks all quarter and they are ready to present them to the community.

The grade first looked at informational texts and even at fiction that is full of factual information to see the different ways authors can present information to their readers. Students then drafted a one-page text on a self-selected topic of interest. The students used this draft as a starting point to determine what other questions a reader might have, and what we found most interesting about the topic. Students researched their topic in more depth, focusing on the aspects they identified. They chose a genre (such as biography, Q & A, fiction that teaches) and outlined a lengthier book based on their draft. They then spent weeks writing, revising, and editing, and finally uploaded the Google Doc files to the site for publication!

Please enjoy the e-books below:

Michael Jordan, An NBA Legend:
The Great Colossal Squid:

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