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2nd Graders Celebrate National Poetry Month with Poem Recitals

June 15, 2018
Miami Valley School

In honor of National Poetry Month 2nd graders in Mrs. Evers‘ and Mrs. Dube‘ classes recited poems they selected. Charlie Pochet, ’26, chose to recite “Llama, Llama” and notes his favorite part is “how you can change your voice every time you say ‘llama’ and then change it when you say ‘moo.'”

Having students recite poems helps them develop memorization and presentation skills while also expanding their vocabulary,” Mrs. Evers explained.”

Hannah Dritz, ’26 recited Shel Silverstein’s Strange Restaurant.

Many students, no matter the age or grade, often have a fear of speaking in front of their peers. By having them recite poems, it helps build their confidence of public speaking. Reciting poems requires students to stand straight and proud and use those ‘big voices’ they have to deliver their poem.”

It’s easy to see just what Mrs. Evers is talking about when you walk in her room on the morning of poetry day. The kids sit in anxious anticipation, their hands in their laps or palms flat on the floor, as they watch their classmate stand to read.

After the reading, the student that performed takes two questions from his audience of classmates, who raise their hands with sincere interest.

Mrs. Evers believes the challenging task of memorizing and reciting a long poem– scary for even someone four times their age– gives the students a sense of accomplishment.

The strongest proof of this might be in the memories the students take from this opportunity. When asked if she remembers this MVS tradition, Caitlin Lewis, ’03 shrugs: “I can still recite it to this day,” she says.

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