About MVS

Every student is unique. So why are so many schools exactly the same? One isn’t.

At The Miami Valley School, we’re independent in our teaching and learning, and in our thinking and doing. For 50 years, our students have enjoyed the freedom to explore their world, in a community that encourages them to discover how to express themselves in it. Although we adhere to a demanding scholarship built on a foundation of integrity and grit, teachers here do more than prepare students to score well on a standardized test someday. They empower students to live life to the fullest every day, to discover their true passion and purpose, and then to responsibly pursue it with emotional and intellectual rigor.

It’s why students don’t just come to The Miami Valley School. Here, they become.

“It's the creative combined with the academic environment that makes me love my education.”
—Upper School student

“I appreciate the value of smaller class sizes - it leads to closer relationships with teachers.”
—Middle School student

“I'm really growing my brain with the math problems!” —Lower School student