Head of School Welcome

Giving students the tools to navigate their own future

Dear visitor,

The Vision Statement for The Miami Valley School, Imagining the future of MVS, is unlike any document you will read from any other school. Why? Primarily because it is entirely about empowering each student to discover his or her unique strengths and abilities and to develop a lifelong love of learning.

This Vision Statement is the product of our school community -- of teachers, parents, alumni, and students. It was developed over a year-long process of meeting with members of the community to define a vision that would unite our work together. During my meetings with parents, for instance, I would ask questions like, “What are your hopes and dreams for your child?” or “What are the characteristics of great educators?” Questions like these elicited thoughtful, deep, substantive responses. The results were synthesized and articulated in the final document, which now guides our priorities each school year.

The Vision Statement opens with these words: “Our overarching goal is to give all of our students the tools to become self-sustaining and self-evolving learners, capable of successfully navigating their own future in a time of rapid global change, and confident in challenging themselves to grow personally, ethically, professionally, socially, and emotionally throughout their lives. They will exhibit the tenacity and grit of the new American entrepreneur: the desire to face challenges, take advantage of opportunities, understand the nature of positive risk-taking, and manage ambiguity with the knowledge that they have the tools and personal resilience to deal with both success and failure.”

I hope I’ve piqued your interest. Please look through all of the rich resources available on this website. Better yet, please visit our school for yourself. You are welcome to observe our teachers in action, and experience for yourself what makes our school so unique. Our admission office would be glad to speak with you and arrange for your visit, and they would also be glad to set up a time for you to meet with me personally if you wish. I would welcome that opportunity!


Jay Scheurle
Head of School