MVS Administrative Team

At the center of an MVS education are the faculty and administrators who encourage, inspire, and celebrate our students every day. The members of our administrative team bring diverse experiences and expertise to their leadership roles at MVS. They are writers, athletes, singers, musicians, photographers, yogis, world travelers, and former business leaders, architects, television producers and more. Their interests and skills vary, but they share a common love of and commitment to MVS.

Elizabeth Cleary
Head of School

Steven Hinshaw
Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations

Mike Boyer
Director of Middle School

Deb Spiegel
Assistant Head of School for Academics

Blair Munhofen
Director of Upper School

Bryan Lakatos
Director of Technology and Innovation

Michele Gaudet
Director of Lower School

Julianne Patel
Director of Early Childhood Center

Mario Carrillo
Athletic Director

Terri Putt
Director of Development

Susan Strong
Assistant Head of School for External Affairs

Jennifer Papadakis
Director of Communications

Christie Kemper
Director of Student Success

Anita Brown
Executive Assistant to the Head of School

MVS Board of Trustees

The Miami Valley School’s Board of Trustees is charged with the governance of the school by defining its mission, determining its strategic direction, securing and protecting its financial resources, and overseeing the Headmaster, who manages the administration and operations of the institution. The Board and the Headmaster collaborate on the long-range advancement and benefit of the school and its students, using the MVS vision statement as a strategic planning framework to guide priorities and decision making. The Board does not oversee day-to-day operations of the school, leaving those matters to the Headmaster and his staff.

Our Board of Trustees provides invaluable guidance, oversight, and vision and we are profoundly grateful for their volunteerism and commitment.

Executive Committee

  • President Douglas Jenks
  • Vice President Priya Jain, M.D.
  • Treasurer Kelly Meyer
  • Secretary Sandy McConnel
  • Trustee Mary Rita Weissman
  • Trustee Nitesh (Nash) Patel
  • President Emeritus Diane Hirakawa, Ph.D.


  • Stephen Chambal, Ph.D.
  • Cathy Lane
  • Aimee Maruyama
  • Ann McDonough
  • Mindy McNutt, Ph.D.
  • Carol Logan Patitu, Ph.D.
  • Mimi Rose
  • Jeff Samuelson
  • Bihu Sandhir, M.D.
  • Patti Schear
  • Margaret (Molly) Treese
  • Kristy Zechiel, M.D.
  • Pete Zorniger III
  • Jennifer Moorhead Ex-officio)

  • Mike Sosebee Ex-officio)

Ex Officio

  • Jason S. Scheurle Head of School
  • Jennifer Moorhead MVS Parent Association President
  • Mike Sosebee Alumni Council President

Trustee Emeriti

  • Bruce P. Bedford
  • Annabelle H. Cummings
  • Matthew O. Diggs, Jr.
  • Julia D. Hobart
  • Elsie Mead
  • Kenneth E. Nutter
  • Jonathan G. Verity