The Immersion Method

Our lofty learning goals are achieved through a bold, intentional framework that sets The Miami Valley School apart. The Miami Valley School Immersion Method is based on the knowledge that learning is rooted in direct experience, which leads to engagement and the discovery of passion by each individual student. Everything we do at The Miami Valley School is carefully sculpted to create a community of student and adult learners who are supported in pursuit of their individual passions. Students and teachers will increasingly collaborate as co-learners in a fluid, dynamic learning-centric relationship. We recognize that this kind of learning, for both children and adults, comes at a cost…the cost of being wrong, of taking a risk, of testing new ideas, of failing. We embrace the role of risk and failure in the learning process for both students and adults, and are dedicated to balancing the lessons of success and failure in our life-pursuits. Click here for a poster that shows a visual description of the Immersion Method.

"Because it’s easy to learn when you’re having fun doing it."

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