For College Reps

Want to visit The Miami Valley School? We would love to have you!

The Miami Valley School is happy to host a wide array of four-year colleges and universities on its campus each fall. For more than 50 years, we have been a leader in experiential education. Our month-long Immersion program takes students around the world to engage in authentic, interdisciplinary, and experiential learning. Students truly become our mission: compassionate global citizens and self-sustaining learners.

Our strong core curriculum is rooted in the liberal arts and is punctuated by Advanced Placement and Honors level coursework. These courses, along with our innovative Immersion program, ensure that our students are well-prepared for the rigors of college academics. Moreover, our wide array of extracurricular, athletic, and service learning opportunities enable our students to explore new passions and develop their talents.

Our students look forward to attending colleges and universities where they will continue to pursue their lifelong love of learning. For some, this may happen at a small, private liberal arts college, and for others, a larger state university might fit more appropriately. Regardless of where they choose to attend, our students hope to develop strong, collaborative relationships with their professors and classmates, and take advantage of experiential learning programs through internships and co-ops, study abroad opportunities, and purposeful research. We are confident that our students will leave their mark on your campus.

  • 41graduates will attend 34 different colleges and universities

  • 57%of the class was admitted to the most competitive colleges in the country

  • 66%of the class will matriculate out of state

  • 100%of MVS graduates will attend 4-year institutions