MVS Early Childhood

Where fostering a lifetime love of learning begins

The sign of a good day at the Early Childhood School is when our students leave school a little messy-- leftover paint, sand and glue still sticking to them. These are all good indicators the children spent their day exploring, touching, feeling and asking questions. We believe children learn by doing. We create environments that peak their curiosity, and we encourage them to get knee-deep in a topic or area of interest so they can investigate it from multiple angles. It's through this daily play and exploration that their love for learning is first ignited.

Students are surrounded by a team of supportive, seasoned teachers who are dedicated to creating a warm, safe, and nurturing environment where a child's learning and imagination take flight. Our certified teachers are dedicated to discovering the world with our youngest learners; celebrating "firsts"; and empowering them to use their words to express their ideas and behavior toward others.

On any given day at the Soin Early Childhood School, you may find children building a castle with blocks, mixing paing to find their own skin color, saying "hello" to each other in several different languages, or planting daffodil bulbs in the campus garden. We don't adhere to any one educational philosophy at the Early Childhood School; instead, we incorporate myriad approaches because we understand that all children learn differently. At the root of our many approaches, however, is self-guided learning. Our teachers listen to the students' interests and create lessons where they can investigate that topic from every subject matter. The ultimate goal is that everything we do at the EC is developmentally appropriate and promotes self-esteem and confidence as children grow and explore. We want their first school experience to be a positive one that sets the stage for a lifetime love of learning!

Reflection, family-style meals, art and outside play are weaved into everyday learning. At the EC, we provide a strong foundation for learning and creating. When our students continue their education in the lower school, they are confident, happy learners, ready and eager for the challenges and adventures that await them in kindergarten and beyond. They are well on their way toward becoming self-sustaining, global citizens of tomorrow.

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