No cut on the dotted line, glue and paste here!

Art has a significant place at the Early Childhood School. While students experience art activities nearly every day during centers, they have one to two days each week when they are able to spend an entire center period in the art room.

Our Early Childhood School program blends a sophisticated and age appropriate approach to art. At the beginning of the year, our dedicated art teacher spends time talking with our young learners. The focus is on themselves, each other, and their environment to establish a foundation for observation skills and spatial relationships. From there, they are able to learn about lifecycles through art, explore the environment through art, and learn how to express what they see, hear and smell through art.

We encourage creativity and imagination. We teach students how to exercise their fine motor skills, how to explore art and design concepts. They learn about famous artists: Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, and Picasso, to name a few.

Art takes many forms at The Early Childhood School: weaving, building with blocks, throwing paint, molding clay…students are free to take risks with different media in a safe environment, where they engage in self-directed creations under the supervision of a professional.