The Miami Valley School. Early Childhood

Immersion Method in EC

Exploring the breadth and depth of experiential opportunities

MVS prides itself on the Immersion Method. We believe learning by doing, becoming fully immersed in an area of study, and exploring outside the classroom is the best way for students to learn. And it all takes root at the Early Childhood School.

Immersive learning permeates every part of the day at the Early Childhood School. Our teachers create an environment where students have ownership over their learning—an environment where teachers adapt to student passions and explore those in different ways, from every angle.

Past immersive projects include the flight study. While studying birds, students became increasingly curious about flight. From there, they gleaned information through books, conducted science and art experiments around Bernoulli’s principle with hand-crafted paper airplanes, and later used a wind tunnel to explore aerodynamics. Students learned about the Wright brothers and the history of flight in Dayton, and they became familiar with the relationship between weather and flight.

With expert teachers, even the ordinary can become extraordinary.