MVS Lower School

Educating students for K through Life

From our youngest to our oldest, students in the lower school are ready and eager for the challenges and adventures teachers present them. Our experienced faculty empower students to be independent in their thinking and learning—differentiating whenever possible—and encourage them to open their minds, make connections, and tap into their curiosity.

Students learn how to become compassionate global citizens. Beginning in kindergarten, they gain awareness of themselves and, as they continue throughout lower school and become exposed to different cultures and backgrounds, the world. Our Global Read Aloud Program supports this effort. Compassionate global citizenship is strengthened by our robust Social Emotional Learning Program, opportunities for leadership, social enrichment and community building.

Each week, students in all grades gather for Monday Morning Assembly. This is an opportunity for grades K through 5 to gather in the same space, be reminded how to live out the school’s core values of integrity, grit and kindness, and celebrate past accomplishments, birthdays, and upcoming events.

Lower School is where students gain confidence and comfort in their abilities to try something new in a safe and supportive environment. Our teachers challenge them to wonder and give them resources to explore their thoughts and ideas. Students’ learning is rooted in direct experience and it’s through this approach that they gain ownership over their learning and discover individual passions, some of which they will carry well into middle school.

In addition to the lower school’s immersive learning method, the robust music, arts and world language programs, as well as enrichment programs in science and reading, make the lower school the finest option in the Dayton area.