Immersion Method in LS

Becoming compassionate global citizens

At MVS, we believe learning by doing and directly applying concepts in a safe and nurturing environment is the best way for students to learn. We believe learning must be relevant, challenging and engaging. We believe exposure to different cultures, backgrounds, and mindsets creates an open mind and acceptances of differences. We call this learning style the Immersion Method.

Immersive learning permeates every part of a lower school student’s day. It’s found in the daily differentiation, the regular field trips, and the frequent on-site outdoor learning centers.

The Immersion Method is exponentially revealed in culminating grade projects, like the Kindergarten Restaurant Week in Kindergarten; the fantasy story book writing and presentation in first grade; and the Heritage day research project in second. And then there’s the pioneer exploration to Glen Helen in fourth grade and the American history trip to Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.

With the Immersion Method, our students are able to dig deep and have ownership over their learning.