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Recognizing the significant development that take place in early adolescence, the middle school program is geared towards helping each student successfully navigate these integral years on both an academic and social-emotional level.

In middle school, students study in an 85-minute block schedule, with classes meeting every other day, in order to create time for extended immersive learning in each class period. This block schedule mirrors the MVS upper school schedule, meaning that middle school students already are familiar with the rhythms of the high school day when they go on to ninth grade.

Course offerings are expanded in the middle school, with all students taking Makerspace & Computer Science, Z-Lab Environmental Science, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and World Language in addition to the core academic subjects: Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. In middle school, students choose to pursue either French, Spanish, or Mandarin as a foreign language and participate in MVS’ differentiated math track, which begins with Pre-Algebra in 6th grade and extends as high as Geometry in the 8th grade. 

One key course offering in middle school is Makerspace & Computer Science, which is a required semester-long course in grades 6-8. Students begin by using block-based programming languages such as Scratch, then progress to learning Javascript and Python in the older grades. The Makerspace & Computer Science curriculum provides students with numerous design challenges to encourage the development of real-world problem-solving skills.

In addition to their regular academic classes, middle school students participate in a three-week Immersion Term, during which students in grades 6-8 dive into topics of interest, studying in multi-age groups with dedicated teachers and incorporating overnight travel to various destinations. Past middle school Immersions include “Farm 2 Fork,” “Government in Action” and “Adventures in Ink.”


Sixth Grade Curriculum

Once our students get to sixth grade, they are more than ready for the exciting new learning experiences and challenges that lie ahead. Sixth grade is one of the more transformative years at MVS. It is a time of great growth academically, socially, and emotionally. Our students are given more freedom to explore their passions with additional co-curricular and athletics offerings, and electives. They have more leadership opportunities and more avenues to build community with a diverse age group. New responsibilities, classes and immersive learning opportunities await our students in sixth grade.

Courses Available:

  • English
  • Social Science: Geography
  • Mathematics: Pre-Algebra
  • Science
  • World Language: Mandarin, Spanish, and French
  • Visual Arts
  • Music & Performing Arts: Jazz Band, A Cappella, Choir, Strings Ensemble, Theater
  • Makerspace & Computer Science
  • Environmental Science/Z-Lab
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Library
  • Physical Education
  • Immersion Term

Middle School Advisory

Supporting the whole student, every day

The Advisory program in the middle school is an integral part of student life, providing academic, social, and emotional support during a crucial time of growth and development. Advisory groups in the MVS middle school are multi-grade, which allows students to create friendships with peers across the middle school. One faculty member oversees an advisory of 10 students or fewer, ensuring that every child receives individual attention and support. Faculty advisors help their advisees prepare for student-led parent-teacher conferences, supervise study halls for their groups, and facilitate activities that encourage healthy relationships and team-building. Middle school advisories also are outlets for friendly competition through the annual Advisory Olympics and Advisory Cup, some of the most highly anticipated components of the middle school year.

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Makerspace and Computer Science

Immersive STEM education

The MVS middle school Makerspace & Computer Science curriculum is one of the most comprehensive in the state of Ohio. In each of their three years of middle school, students take a required semester-long Makerspace & Computer Science course, progressing to coding in Python and Javascript by 8th grade and tackling numerous engineering challenges such as building a solar oven, coding a virtual tour of Ancient Egypt, and designing an original video game. The middle school Makerspace includes 3D printers, laser cutters, Sphero robots, and more that students can use in pursuit of their design dreams. Makerspace students explore, connect, share, and reflect on their work and present their work to outside experts from the community.

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Middle School Faculty & Staff

MVS gave me the meaning of true friends and a supportive community to pursue my passion for music. Nurturing my passion at MVS helped me choose my college and shape my future.”

Adele Taylor, Class of 2017

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