MVS Middle School

Where our students are transformed

Our middle school is a place where teachers are committed to taking one of the most challenging times in a young person’s life and making it one of their most rewarding. Here, students don’t just transition from grade school to high school; they’re transformed.

At MVS, we provide middle school students guidance as they begin to navigate their own path. Within a safe environment, we encourage them and provide them with opportunities to explore, investigate, and discover on their own—to ask questions and take risks, whether it’s on the turf field or in ceramics class. This is certainly the case with Project Period, which takes our students from the halls of Miami University to Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

With a number of elective offerings and extracurricular activities, our students have the freedom to realize their interests, gain a deeper sense of self and find greater self-confidence.

We equip students with tools for self-navigation by placing emphasis on character and self development. And the practice of daily morning meetings builds community and strengthens student-faculty-connections. In middle school, we educate the whole child, preparing them for the rigors of high school.