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Immersion Method in MS

Taking ownership of their learning

At MVS, we practice the Immersion Method. We believe learning by doing, directly applying concepts, and becoming fully immersed in an area of study is the best way for students to learn. While we provide our middle school students with this kind of learning every day throughout the school year, Project Period is a prime example of the Immersion Method experience in middle school.

Project Period

Grade 6

Sixth graders participate in a simulation of the culture of the Ancient Egyptians. They spend four days on the campus of Miami University where they work with Egyptologists, anthropologists, and research librarians.

Grade 7

During seventh grade project period, students focus on an exploration of Appalachia. Going beyond books and movies, students will use hands on projects, speakers and immersion trips to explore and better understand Ohio’s greatest subculture: Appalachia. The experience culminates in a week-long stay at Pine Mountain Settlement School in southeastern Kentucky.

Grade 8

The historical focus is on colonial Philadelphia and the role it played in the development of the United States as a new nation. The cultural focus is on learning about the Amish and the Quakers. Students learn about these “cultures within our culture” and complete a digital scrapbook and a nine patch quilt. A five-day trip to these areas is the culmination of the year’s study of United States history.

Aside from Project Period, the Immersion Method is found in the everyday middle school experience—from planting and harvesting in the Zorniger Environmental Laboratory to daily science labs, to projects that can be found in every discipline and classroom.

With an experiential approach to learning, our students are able to dig deep and have ownership over their learning.