The Miami Valley School. Early Childhood

MVS Upper School

Where students become self-sustaining and self-evolving learners

Our upper school students are dynamic, creative and diverse individuals that are engaged in and excited about their learning. Through the immersive learning approach, which we call the Immersion Method, students have ownership over their studies, creating an even more authentic learning experience.

We encourage our students to explore material with vigor, ask questions and take risks. We support them in their endeavors and challenge them to own their ideas with confidence and passion. And we give them hands-on learning opportunities to cultivate leaders and life-long learners, innovators capable of generating and applying their knowledge in real-world settings. Whether studying multivariate calculus, composition, or printmaking, we give our students opportunities to discover their individual passions and pursue them with intellectual and emotional rigor.

One of the ways we best illustrate the Immersion Method is through Immersion, our four-week signature program in the upper school where students travel all over the state, country and world to dig deep in a particular area of study. What better place to learn about biodiversity than the Galapagos Islands? Why not take our students to hike Machu Picchu rather than teaching about ancient civilizations from a textbook?

While Immersion is an important component of the upper school, developed community service, diverse student body, competitive athletics, morning announcements, student-led clubs, and robust electives are just as integral to the MVS experience and culture.

Another large piece of life in upper school is our rigorous college prep program, the only one of its kind in the greater Dayton area. Beginning in upper school, students experience mentorship and receive individualized direction from a devoted college counselor.

Along with the Director of College Counseling, the college counseling team at MVS educates every student and family on the details and intricacies of the college planning process. This occurs through individualized conferences, group seminars, classroom meetings, and regular communication with families concerning all aspects of this most important phase of school life.

By the time students leave MVS, they have the tenacity, grit and desire to face challenges, take advantage of opportunities and manage ambiguity with the knowledge that they have the tools and personal resilience to deal with life beyond MVS.