Upper School FAQs

Does the upper school require a uniform?

No. We do not have uniforms, but upper school students do adhere to a dress code. The full dress code, updated yearly with input from faculty, administration, and students, can be found in the Upper School Student Handbook.

Can students leave campus for lunch?

Juniors and seniors in good academic standing are allowed the privilege of signing out for lunch when they do not have other commitments.

Is the cost of Immersion included in tuition?

No, but the cost of a given Immersion program is advertised in advance. There is also limited financial aid available through an application process.

Do all students have an advisor?

Yes. Our developed advisory program is geared toward supporting the academic success of each student. Each student is assigned an advisor that will work with them throughout their upper school career to facilitate their experience.

What is BYOD and how does it work?

Students are expected to bring their own device for use in classes. Minimum requirements are that the device must be able to run the full Chrome web browser. This is a device that the family purchases. We can provide guidance in selection of devices and will offer as much support as we can for the use of the device. Students are also able to check out Chromebooks throughout the school day.

What can I do to prepare my student for the upper school at MVS?

Encourage learning as a habit. Encourage reading and writing. Challenge your student to think beyond the box and cultivate a willingness to think for themselves. Help them identify intrinsic value in learning, community, and new experiences.

How many of your students are accepted to and attend college?

100 percent of MVS seniors are admitted to and attend four-year colleges.

I am moving to the area in the middle of the school year. Does MVS admit students mid year?

While a majority of our enrollment occurs in the late Spring, we welcome applications at any point in the year. Please contact our admissions department for more information.

How many students, on average, are in each class?

We believe that smaller classes lead to better instruction. Our average class size is between 12 and 15 students.