Immersion Method in US

It’s easy to learn when you’re having fun doing it

We believe that the best classroom is often the one without walls. While we practice immersive learning year-round, we believe a certain concentrated time for a heightened Immersion Method experience is transformative.

For four weeks, our teachers and students leave the classroom and use the real world to apply knowledge and learning. Students may head to the Bahamas to study aquatic life through scuba-diving; fly to Paris to fully immerse in the French culture and language; or hike the National Parks in the Southwest to learn about the beauty, history and geology of the most well-known American landscapes. Independent immersion is also available, giving students freedom in choice of study by working with a faculty supervisor.

With faculty as guides, students are encouraged to pursue their individual interests, fully engage in subject matters, and gain a deeper sense of self.

Ghana 2017 Immersion

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2017 Immersion Open House

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