How did MVS become?

Over 50 years ago, a few passionate families envisioned an education that had yet to exist in Dayton. The Miami Valley School was born out of the desire to provide experiential learning in an intimate environment where the educational focus was directed to the individual needs of the student. That vision became the MVS culture and personality.

When you walk onto the MVS campus today, you immediately get a feeling about our personality – much like you do when you visit a new country or city. The culture is a true reflection of the energy of its people and environment. The MVS personality is abundantly positive – happiness prevails and everyone is celebrated for what they bring to the table. We believe in scholarship. Our accomplished teachers take their jobs seriously and have high expectations for their students. We have a diverse student body – we embrace and respect different cultures and learn from one another. And transformation happens. In our safe environment, students learn from their mistakes and become empowered to take chances again and again.

We understand that such a learning environment might feel unattainable for some families. That’s why we offer financial aid for students in first through twelfth grades with demonstrated need. MVS allocates more than $2 million in financial assistance each year to half of our students. To maintain this extraordinary culture, it’s about finding the right students and together we form our great personality.

Come visit and have your child spend the day in class. There is no better way to experience MVS than through our students’ and teachers’ stories. We welcome you to the MVS admission process and we will guide you every step of the way with personal attention. We’ll unfold the many reasons why this is the best educational opportunity for your child.

Welcome! We look forward to starting the conversation.

Susan Strong

Assistant Head of School for External Affairs