Admission Process

The single most important factor when considering student candidates for admission to The Miami Valley School is “are they mission-appropriate?” Is the student a young person of promise? Does she possess the potential to develop into a self-sustaining learner? Is he ready to grow and develop in a community of compassionate global citizens?

If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to come see us! Schedule a tour and discover the unique learning community that is MVS.

The application process should be started by February (see details below under item 1).

1) Application for Admission

Application for Admission

The online application includes general biographical information and an opportunity for the parent or guardian to describe the candidate's strengths, challenges, and passions. Submission of the application (linked below), with the application fee, triggers the scheduling of the student visit and admission testing/screening.

Application deadline: February 1. Admission decisions are issued in March for applicants with complete application files, including all supporting documents, student visit, and assessment (see items 2, 3, and 4 below). Admission decisions include accept, regret, and wait pool.

Students may be admitted after March into grades in which space remains. Final application deadline for thorough consideration, including student visit: May 1.

Online Application

2) Supporting Documents

Academic Recommendation

The academic recommendation form is given to all teacher references. For applicants in grades EC-5, this form is given to the applicant's current classroom teacher. For applicants in grades 6-12, the form is given to the applicant's current English teacher and current Math teacher. Additional teacher recommendations are optional. Teachers send their recommendations directly to MVS and the contents of recommendations are kept strictly confidential.

Academic recommendation

Request for Records & Recommendation

The records request form is completed by the school the applicant currently attends and sent with a record of student progress directly to MVS. The principal or counselor is also asked to provide a recommendation, which is sent directly to MVS and kept strictly confidential. If the student has only been at the current school for a short time, records and a recommendation should also be requested from the prior school.

Request for records and principal/counselor recommendation

Personal Recommendation (required for applicants to grades 9-12, optional for younger applicants)

The personal recommendation is completed by someone who knows the student candidate in a non-academic context and sent directly to MVS. The reference could be from a coach, music instructor, family friend, religious leader, etc. The recommendation is sent directly to MVS from the person completing the recommendation and is kept strictly confidential.

Personal recommendation

Applicant Statement (for applicants to grades 6-12)

The applicant statement invites older student candidates to describe themselves with honesty, creativity, and clarity.

Applicant statement

3) Student Visit

After the online application has been submitted, student applicants visit MVS. Applicants currently in grades K-12 visit individually for a full school day with their peers. Early childhood and kindergarten applicants visit in small groups on a Saturday morning in February (see Testing/Assessment below for details). This visit allows students to experience MVS and also gives MVS an opportunity to get to know each applicant.

Applicants for grades 6-12 are interviewed on the day they visit by a member of the admission team, and younger applicants chat with admissions more informally during their visit day.

4) Testing/Assessment

Applying to the Early Childhood School and Kindergarten

Applicants to the early childhood school (ages 3-4) will be assessed by the early childhood admission team in small groups on Saturday morning, February 23, 2019. Later early childhood applicants will be assessed individually on a school morning.

Applicants to kindergarten will be assessed in small groups on Saturday morning, February 9, 2019. Later kindergarten applicants will be assessed individually on a school morning.

Applying to the Lower School (grades 1-5)

Applicants to grades 1-5 are assessed individually during their school visit day by the lower school admission team.

Applying to the Middle & Upper Schools (grades 6-12)

In addition to being assessed during their school visits, applicants to grades 6-12 take the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT). MVS will administer the SSAT on the following Saturday mornings during 2018-19: October 13, November 10, December 8, January 5, February 2, March 2, April 27, and June 8. If none of those dates works for a particular applicant, a flex test on a different day can be arranged. Applicants register through MVS to take the test unless they live outside the Dayton area.