International Admission

The Miami Valley School invites students from all over the world to attend. Applicants are evaluated thoroughly to ensure that they have the greatest potential for success in the English speaking environment of a rigorous American academic institution.

Application Process

Families interested in full services through the International Partnership of Education Research and Communication (IPERC) should apply through them at Families not needing those services may apply directly to MVS by submitting the online application and other forms detailed on the Admission Process web page under items 1 and 2 -

Once the application and forms are received, MVS staff will interview the student using a video program such as Skype. The student should be prepared to answer all questions in English, write an essay during the interview, and read an English passage. Parents are usually present with the student for this interview.

Tuition Levels & Fees

Enrollment deposit
The enrollment deposit is paid when the enrollment contract is submitted. The deposit is credited towards tuition and is not refundable.

Boarding student tuition, full service
Includes full services through IPERC, such as recruitment and orientation in China, homestay services, and a student coordinator. Financial assistance with tuition is not available.

Boarding student tuition, homestay service only
Includes IPERC homestay services and student coordinator. Financial assistance is not available.

Day student tuition
Includes medical insurance and international student services. Financial assistance is not available.

Additional costs - International students may incur incidental and everyday expenses. These costs vary and may include fees for orientation, books, lunch, Immersion, and, when required, an English language support class.

Prospective Host Families

MVS enrolls students from around the world every year who need host families. Students stay with their host families during the school year (mid-August through early June), returning home during winter break. We hope that students will remain with the same family during their entire career at MVS, but we ask host families to commit to at least one year at a time.

If you are interested, please contact IPERC at

Host families chosen by the international program team provide room and board, which includes at least two meals a day during the week (three on weekends), each student's own bedroom, and transportation to and from school and activities.

Fei Yu
Director of International Programs

International students from China pose at Convocation