AI Essentials for Educators: A Hands-On Training

Saturday, May 11, 2024

10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

at The Miami Valley School

5151 Denise Dr, Dayton, OH 45429

“AI Essentials for Educators: A Hands-On Training” is a focused, one-day conference designed to equip teachers and administrators with the essential knowledge and skills needed to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in education. Founded by leading AI educator Dr. Nicolas Potkalitsky and held on the campus of The Miami Valley School in Dayton, Ohio, this event is conveniently located for educators across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.
The conference offers a comprehensive program covering AI fundamentals, available models, safety considerations, and best practices for integration. Through hands-on demonstrations, interactive discussions, and collaborative sessions, attendees will gain the tools to effectively incorporate AI into their classrooms and develop robust AI policies.
This unique professional development opportunity is limited to 40-45 teachers from public and private schools in the region, providing a valuable chance to enhance skills, share insights, and shape the future of AI in education.
Registration is $40 per attendee and is due by the start of the conference. Payment may be made with credit card, cash, or check made out to “The Miami Valley School.”
For additional information, see the FAQ menu below.  If, after reviewing the materials below, you still have questions about the conference, please contact conference organizer Nicolas Potkalitsky at nicolas.potkalitsky@mvschool.com

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“AI Essentials” Founder:

Dr. Nicolas Potkalitsky

Dr. Nicolas Potkalitsky, a visionary educator and researcher, is pioneering the integration of AI in humanities classrooms. With over 50 publications on his Substack Educating AI, collaborations with leading scholars like Dr. Elliot Bendoly, Dr. Alejandro Piad Morffis, Dr. Lance Cummings, Dr. Marc Watkins, and Alan Knowles, and partnerships with educators and technologists worldwide, Nick is developing best practices and criteria for evaluating AI implementation in today’s classrooms.
At The Miami Valley School, Nick leads the creation of an AI-enabled curriculum advocating for equitable grading, alternative assessments, and a shift from long-form essays. As the main facilitator of “AI Essentials for Educators: A Hands-On Training,” Nick shares his passion and expertise, providing participants with invaluable insights and practical strategies for integrating AI into their classrooms.

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