MVS Alumni

We treasure our alumni.

Every one of our graduates is a valued member of the extended MVS community. Your varied careers, activities and contributions to the world since leaving here are part of the rich and diverse legacy of our school.

While we welcome your financial support your time and experience are equally important. Our immersion program depends on alumni who can share their expertise and provide opportunities for students to fully explore a subject with their help and mentorship. We also appreciate alumni who want to volunteer in the classroom or assist our athletic programs.

We offer a variety of alumni events, such as regional gatherings, homecoming, class reunions and sporting events that allow you to stay in touch with the school and your former classmates. Additionally, alumni can serve as Class Agents or participate in the Alumni Council.

Regardless of your level of involvement, please know that we value and appreciate all of your efforts and contributions, and look forward to seeing you on campus soon.

Terri Putt
Director of Development and Alumni Relations