Our Program


Lower School

Fall - Soccer Boys/Girls
Winter - Basketball Boys/Girls
Spring - Lacrosse Clinics

Middle School

Fall - Soccer, Girls Tennis
Winter - Basketball
Spring - Girls Lacrosse, Track and Field, Boys Tennis

Upper School

Fall - Soccer Boys/Girls, Cross Country Boys/Girls, Girls Tennis, Golf - Boys/Girls
Winter - Bowling, Swimming and Basketball
Fall -Women's Lacrosse, Track and Field, Boys Tennis

Athletic Training

What is an Athletic Trainer and what do we do?

We are healthcare professionals who focus on the prevention, assessment, treatment, and management of sports related injuries acquired through the participation of our Upper and Middle School students. We are licensed through the state of Ohio and nationally certified to work in conjunction with, physicians and other health care providers to provide care for the athlete.

Treatment and rehabilitation programs are individualized based on the injury and the protocol given by the athlete’s physician, if applicable. The athletic trainer monitors the athlete and their progress focusing on the athlete reaching: full range of motion, strength, balance, body awareness, and functional training specific to their sport and position. Our goal is that the athlete returns to their sport healthy and confident to insure a safe return to play to minimize re-injury and/or injury to another area. Once all aspects are met, ending with the functional testing, the athlete will be cleared by the Athletic Trainer to return to his/her sport.

What do we provide?

First Aid kits are provided to Upper and Middle School teams when they travel to away contests. A cooler of water is provided at the request of the coach. Water, ice, and an Athletic Trainer are present for Upper School home soccer, Upper and Middle School home basketball, and Upper and Middle School home lacrosse games. If there are two home contests happening at the same time, coverage will be determined by the Athletic Director.

Athletic Training Room Hours


Monday, Thursday and Friday 3:30-5:30


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 3:30-5:30


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 3:30-5:30

(If school is not in session the training room will be closed during the above times)

Meet Our Team

Mario Carrillo
Athletic Director

Kathy Kissinger
Athletics Associate

Katie Jenkins
Athletic Trainer