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Author Tom Watson visits, brings fun and Stripes

June 25, 2018
Miami Valley School

On Wednesday, May 11, students in kindergarten through second grade gathered in the library to meet author Tom Watson famed for his children’s book series Stick Dog.

While students were finding their seats, Tom jumped into a group of kindergartners playing a well known game.

“Paper, rock, scissors, alligator!” Tom Watson declared, clamping his hands around a kindergartner who has just chosen paper. “There’s no alligator!” the students respond as they dissolved into giggles.

Author-2This very sense of humor is displayed throughout Watson’s books following the adventures of a stick figure dog and his friends, including a dachshund who often gets lost because of her stature and a dalmatian ironically named Stripes.

With more than 80 pairs of eyes on him, Tom walked step by step through the process of drawing each of the 5 stick dog characters and the equally popular stick cat. The kids remained engaged, concentrating on their own stick dogs and cats as they draw along.

Author-4“Now you need to add spots,” an excited first grader called out once everyone had completed their outline of Stripes.

Watson agreed with the young artist and guided the group as they diligently drew the rest of their art pieces.

Watson’s energy and enthusiasm permeated the library as the young learners welcomed the special visiting author.

“I liked that we got to learn how to draw the characters,” one student said as he exited the auditorium with his art work. Indeed, that was everyone’s favorite part.

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