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MVS Bestows Academic & Athletic Awards

June 5, 2023
Tyler Benedict

On May 24, the MVS community gathered for the 37th annual Academic & Athletic Awards ceremony, honoring outstanding achievements by upper school students. Congratulations to our award recipients!


The Duncan W. Alling Book Awards

English Department Awards

Betsy M. Hughes Creative Writing Award: Mia Florkey ’23

Award for Excellence: Tanisha Pallerla ’23                  

Barbara Cleary Love of Literature Award: Torin Schulte ’23     

Visual & Performing Arts Department Awards

Linda Kretzler Excellence in Art Award: Isidore Peterson ’23

Excellence in Performing Arts Award: Sophia Shaker ’23 

Excellence in Instrumental Performance Award: Hannah Marlowe ’23

Love of the Arts Award: Sean Yen ’23

World Languages Department Awards   

Excellence in Language Award: Lekha Choudary ’23

Peter Camm Love of Language Award: Fortunate Peterson ’23

Mathematics Department Awards

Maria Ferraro Excellence in Mathematics Award: Dhruv Sadhu ’23

Love of Mathematics Award: Andrew Holzinger ’23  

Excellence in Computer Science: Frances Peters ’23                

Science Department Awards

Bryan Czarnota Excellence in Science Award: Kayleigh Cook ’23

Ashwi Birdi Love of Science Award: Lukah Varghese ’23

Social Science Department Awards

Excellence in Social Science Award: Hannah Sabagh ’23

Frances E. Inbody Love of History Award: James Diehl ’23


Upper School Awards of Distinction

Shelley Lazar Community Service Award: Lekha Choudary ’23

Parent Association Making an Impact Award: Aadya Gujja ’24 & Ainsley Rowland ’25

Brereton Family Award of Distinction: Rylee Boyer ’25

Experiential Learning Award: Lya Boeger ’23 & Gabriele Muratori ’23 

Student Leadership Award: Mia Florkey ’23

Sharyn D. Jackson Spirit Award: Hannah Marlowe ’23

Saidel Scholar Award: Caleb Meeker ’27

Head of School Award: Charis Jarvis ’23

Daughters of the American Revolution Youth Citizen Award: Jacob Barnard ’24, Yuvi Gupta ’26, Molly Van Kirk-Butler ’25

Recognition of Military Enlistment: Raef Sanner ’23

Montgomery County Scholarship Award: Fortunate Peterson ’23

National Merit Scholarship Program Awards: Lekha Choudary ’23, Andrew Holzinger ’23, Hannah Marlowe ’23, Dhruv Sadhu ’23, Lukah Varghese ’23


Athletic Awards

MVS Outstanding Athlete Award: Tanisha Pallerla ’23 & Justin Patterson ’23

MVS Scholar Athlete Award: Lekha Choudary ’23 & Dhruv Sadhu ’23 

MVS Courageous Student Award: Ashley Ohlemacher ’23

Billy Glisson Memorial Award: Michael Gifford-Boyer ’23

OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award: Andrew Holzinger ’23, Hannah Marlowe ’23, Gabriele Muratori ’23, Tanisha Pallerla ’23

OHSAA Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Award: Tyler Benedict ’09

Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award: Lukah Varghese ’23 & Lucía Skalicky Luqui ’24

NFHS National Award of Excellence: Charis Jarvis ’23 & Torin Schulte ’23



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