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Welcome to The Miami Valley School Parents’ Association! I am especially excited about the 2016-17 school year as we come back to a beautiful new campus. I am grateful to each member of the MVS community that joined together to make this project happen. This sense of community is truly what makes MVS special. I look forward to fresh opportunities as well as celebrating longstanding traditions in our new facilities.

Whether your family has just joined us, or is returning for another year, we welcome you to our community and invite you to participate in some or all of the many Parents’ Association activities planned for the coming year. We hope that you will actively join in our mission to foster a vibrant and nurturing environment, to support the teachers and staff, and to sponsor enriching educational activities.

The MVSPA will keep you current on the latest school events and provide you with opportunities to build supportive relationships with other parents, faculty and staff. We hope that you look upon the MVSPA as a means of support and a source of assistance.

Parents are an essential part of The Miami Valley School community, and your support makes a real and positive difference. We encourage you to increase your involvement this year in any way you can. Whether you have just a couple of hours to volunteer, or are able to make a bigger commitment, we value your participation and appreciate your support.

I wish all our families a great year and I look forward to seeing you at MVS!

Melissa Imbody, P '14, '17
Parents' Association President

Parents' Association Executive Board 2016-2017

Melissa Imbody
Natasha Neis
Kelly Meyer
Jane Hermon
Cathy Lane
Past President
Becky Lau
Early Childhood School VP
Barbie Powell
Lower School VP
Eva Blasko
Lower School VP
Shiva Katai
Middle School VP
Karen Cook
Middle School VP
Michelle Russell
Upper School VP
Rhonda Chambal
Upper School VP

Click here for a PDF of PA Board Executives with emails.

Click here for a PDF of the MVS Grade Reps 2016-2017.

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PA Bylaws

Article I - IX

Article I – Name

The name of this organization is The Miami Valley School Parents' Association (MVSPA).

Article II – Mission

The Miami Valley School Parents’ Association supports the philosophy, programs and activities of The Miami Valley School, facilitates communication and parent education, encourages and coordinates volunteerism and fosters partnership and cooperation among the entire school community.

Article III – Membership

Membership in The Miami Valley School Parents’ Association shall consist of parents or guardians of all students currently enrolled in The Miami Valley School.

Article IV – Meetings

The Miami Valley School Parents’ Association shall meet at least once per term during the school year at which time all members are invited to attend. The time and place of such meetings shall be publicly announced by the President in advance of so that members can plan to attend.

Article V – Officers and Duties

The officers of The Miami Valley School Parents’ Association, which shall make up the Executive Committee, consist of the following:

Immediate Past-President
Vice-Presidents for the Upper School
Vice-Presidents for the Middle School
Vice-Presidents for the Lower School and EC

The duties of the officers consist of the following:

The President: Shall chair, schedule and give notice of the Executive Committee meetings and the general meetings of The Miami Valley School Parents’ Association; shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees of The Miami Valley School and a member of at least one committee of the Board; shall appoint with counsel of the Executive Committee and/or Nominating Committee all committee chairs of the Partnership for not more than one-year terms and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and sub-committees; shall be the liaison between the Board of Trustees and the MVSPA and shall be the liaison between the Headmaster/Headmistress and the MVSPA.

The President-Elect: Shall attend all Executive Committee meetings and general meetings of the Parents’ Association and shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.

The Immediate Past-President: Shall present to the President all MVSPA records and documents used in carrying out the duties of office, shall be available to provide advice and assistance to the President and Executive Committee as needed and shall attend MVSPA meetings when available.

Vice-Presidents: Each division of the school shall be represented by at least two vice-presidents who shall attend all Executive Committee meetings and general meetings of the MVSPA; shall be a liaison between their division head and the MVSPA; shall secure Grade Representatives prior to the beginning of the school year, advise them of their duties and guidelines, communicate with them on a regular basis and shall assist their division head in his/her programs and activities.

The Secretary: Shall attend all MVSPA Executive Committee meetings and general meetings of the MVSPA; shall prepare minutes, notices and reminders of meetings as needed and shall be prepared to report at all MVSPA meetings.

The Treasurer: Shall keep an accounting of the MVSPA’s funds through the management of the receipts and disbursements and shall perform such duties as may be deemed necessary by the President and the Executive Committee. The Miami Valley School shall have custody of the funds of The Miami Valley School Parents’ Association.

Article VI – Terms of Office

The term of office for each officer, except President and President-Elect, shall be for one year and shall run from July 1st through June 30th The President and President-Elect terms run for two years. Terms of office are renewable.

The President-Elect shall attend the last meeting of the Board of Trustees (the Annual Meeting) in the capacity as an ex-officio trustee, even though the duties and responsibilities to the Board as an ex-officio trustee would not actually commence until the first Board meeting at the beginning of the school year (the Retreat.)

Officers shall be required to submit to their successor(s) all records and documents related to their position.

Article VII – Elections

Since the term of office starts on July 1st, elections shall be held in the spring at a meeting of the general members of the Miami Valley School Parents’ Association. The election shall be conducted by a Nominating Committee consisting of the current MVSPA Executive Board and chaired by the President. The Nominating Committee shall accept nominations from the Miami Valley School community prior to its first meeting. Decisions made by the Nominating Committee shall be determined by a simple majority vote of all members.

In the event an officer is unable to fulfill the duties or term of office for any reason, the Executive Committee shall determine if a substitute is necessary and shall appoint a substitute if needed. The President-Elect shall step into the role of President if he or she is unable to complete their term. An officer may be required to resign at any time by the MVSPA Executive Committee for good cause.

Article VIII – Fundraising

All fund-raising projects involving the Miami Valley School Parents’ Association shall be approved by the Executive Committee, shall be coordinated with the Development Office and approved by the Headmaster/Headmistress. Comments and suggestions about fund-raising are welcome at any time and should be directed to the President or the Executive Committee for consideration.

Article IX – Amendment, Repeal

These Bylaws, or any part of them, may be amended or repealed at a general meeting of the Miami Valley School Parents’ Association by an affirmative two-thirds of the members in attendance at such meeting provided that notice of the proposed amendment or repeal was included in the notice of the meeting or announced at the previous meeting.

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