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Puzzle making’s break-IN room

February 25, 2019
Miami Valley School

Upper school’s puzzle making immersion created a break-out room as part of their month long project. The popularity of break-out rooms has increased steadily over the past few years, and the puzzle group jumped at the opportunity to create their own version on campus. They invited each immersion group to participate and attempt to solve the riddle.

The experience was more of a break-IN room, because the groups were tasked with breaking into several locked boxes and finally a computer to change their grades before time expired. After a short introductory video from the puzzle makers, participants were given one hour to find the passwords to hack into the computer and the grading system.

Clues were cleverly hidden throughout the room and participants had to solve word, color and physical puzzles to find all the correct pieces. A camera was set up so that the creators could monitor each groups’ progress, and a microphone was live in case the participants wanted to ask for hints.

According to the puzzle makers, everyone was able to solve the riddle, but some required a little more help than others. The experience was immersive and exciting for both the puzzle making immersion and those who tried to break-in.

Neil Sawh ’20, Niam Morar ’20, Johnathan Albrecht ’19, Sam Mader ’21.

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