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Singing, running and advocacy: the international student experience at MVS

June 24, 2018
Miami Valley School

The Midwest hosts the largest proportion of high school international students in America, so it’s no surprise that a number of international students have found a home at The Miami Valley School.

What is different about the experience international students’ have at MVS, however, is exactly what makes the educational experience different for every student here: a total immersion in myriad learning experiences.

“The musical is what I was most looking forward to when I came here,” Bruna said. “Well, that and prom. We don’t have performing arts like that back home.” Home for Bruna is Brazil, but you wouldn’t know she was an international student if she didn’t tell you. She blends right in with the other juniors in the library, working away on a laptop, one earbud permanently lodged in an ear. In addition to her interest in performing arts, Bruna is involved in Green Club, a student advocacy group and cheerleading.

International students Yifan and Bruna, center back, dance in the musical.Across the library two students sit together in free period, both immersed in books.

“People assume I’d just do educational clubs,” Robert Luo, a Sophomore visiting from China, explains. “I’m also in Makerspace, chess club and tennis.” His friend Leo seconds this. He’s in cultural club and track.

At larger schools, the opportunity to engage in so many diverse activities is limited. The Miami Valley School keeps classes small, while extracurricular learning opportunities are so numerous, they compare to some college campuses in diversity and offerings.

“I was completely outside my comfort zone,” Bruna notes. “I never thought I’d do anything like that.”

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