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K through Life

From our youngest to our oldest, students in the lower school are ready and eager for the challenges and adventures teachers present them. Our experienced faculty empower students to be independent in their thinking and learning‚ differentiating whenever possible‚ and encourage them to open their minds, make connections, and tap into their curiosity.

Students learn how to become compassionate global citizens. Beginning in kindergarten, they gain awareness of themselves and, as they continue throughout lower school and become exposed to different cultures and backgrounds, the world. Our global read aloud program supports this effort. Compassionate global citizenship is strengthened by our robust social emotional learning program, opportunities for leadership, social enrichment, and community building.


Kindergarten Curriculum

Students come to kindergarten from the Early Childhood School eager and excited. Our kindergarten curriculum is thematically driven and enhanced with special enrichment programs in world languages, reading, science, and math.

Because we know routine is important for our young learners, we spend the first part of the school year building a safe environment, introducing classroom management, becoming familiar with one another and setting expectations for the year.

Kindergarten instruction is guided by the KWL approach: What do you Know? What Would you like to know? And what did you Learn?This methodology gives students ownership over their learning‚ they’re more invested and excited when they have the opportunity to guide instruction with their curiosity. Perhaps the students are curious about space, nutrition, France…collectively and in a collaborative way, our young learners pick the topic of study and our trained kindergarten teachers create lessons that dive deep‚ and wide‚ in that topic and incorporate all subject matters. Students may learn about space through singing songs, making rockets and cooking astronaut food.

Experiential learning is woven into the kindergarten curriculum in many ways but heavily through “Center Time.” Center Time is an afternoon block where students have the opportunity to directly apply what they’re learning at that time. They become more exposed to a concept or topic and learn it from all subject matters. Center Time can be individual or group led; more structured or unstructured and it’s always fun!

Courses Available

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • World Languages

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Lower School

I am “All-In” on The Miami Valley School and the value it brings to my daughter’s education, mental growth, and character building. The school has gained my trust that she has entered a family that cares about her, challenges her, and offers her endless opportunities."

John Bommer, MVS Parent

Extended Day

MVS offers Extended Day (also referred to as Kids Club), an after-school enrichment program. The program is intended to keep your child engaged and active after dismissal in a safe, supervised, and fun environment. Our program follows best practices for expanded school day learning. Children will engage in unstructured play, academic skill-building, organized recreational play, crafts, games and puzzles and homework help, if necessary. Extended Day intends to enrich lives and develop strong, positive character traits.

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