Where students become self-sustaining and self-evolving learners.

Our upper school students are dynamic, creative, and diverse individuals who are engaged in and excited about their learning. Through the immersive learning approach, which we call the Immersion Method, students have ownership over their studies, creating an even more authentic learning experience.

We encourage our students to explore material with vigor, ask questions, and take risks. We support them in their endeavors and challenge them to own their ideas with confidence and passion. And we give them hands-on learning opportunities to cultivate leaders and life-long learners, innovators capable of generating and applying their knowledge in real-world settings. Whether studying multivariate calculus, composition, or printmaking, we give our students opportunities to discover their individual passions and pursue them with intellectual and emotional rigor.



The upper school English program promotes an understanding of and appreciation for humanity that transcends cultural boundaries. The literature-rich and writing intensive curriculum stimulates intellectual curiosity and a greater sense of self.

Students are encouraged to revise, to conference individually with faculty, to research authors and content, and to discover their own voice through analytical and creative assignments. Students exercise freedom of thought and expression as they explore diverse and universal human concerns and integrate ideas from literature with daily life. Students discover the pleasure and value of reading and writing as lifelong learning processes and participate in active and lively critical discussions of their own work as well as the work they read.

Courses Available:

  • Art of the Essay (Grade 9)
  • Art of the Essay: Embedded Honors
  • World Literature (Grade 10)
  • American Authors (Grade 11)
  • Topics in Senior English (Grade 12)
  • Topics in Senior English: Embedded Honors
  • Latinx Identity and Culture Through Literature
  • Grammar and Writing Workshop
  • Speech & Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Shakespeare and Film
  • Exploring Ethics: The Good Place
  • War and Peace
  • Speculative Fiction: Imagining the Future


The Immersion Method

The Miami Valley School Immersion Method is based on the knowledge that learning is rooted in direct experience, which leads to engagement and the discovery of passion by each individual student. Learning is more than just what occurs in the classroom through books and lessons. Education is something that happens everywhere, and The Miami Valley School ensures that our students learn that lesson.

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Upper School Faculty

MVS gave me the meaning of true friends and a supportive community to pursue my passion for music. Nurturing my passion at MVS helped me choose my college and shape my future.

Adele Taylor, Class of 2017

Preparing for college and beyond

We prepare our graduates to the Miami Valley School with the skillset and tools to succeed at the nation’s most selective colleges and universities. However, we do not subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy. Through our unique blend of experiential education, combined with challenging academics, we encourage students to explore their options, push past their comfort zone, and find the path that best fits their passions, motivations and values. In the college process, and beyond, students are challenged to chart their own unique course. Students are provided with guidance and personalized attention throughout the college search and application process – we believe that finding the right fit, not just the most selective college or university, is integral to our students’ success.

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