Forming healthy relationships

Social Emotional Learning

Youth is a time to find and grow our roots, our sense of self, a foundation upon which to build a happy and healthy approach to life. We do this through Social Emotional Learning (SEL), a program that teaches our students to understand and manage their emotions, build healthy and long-lasting relationships with others, and show empathy for their peers and develop understanding of situations.

We believe in educating the whole child. We believe that academic success isn’t the only variable of student success. And we know that SEL increases academic performance. Because life skills and interpersonal education makes students more aware of their surroundings and better able to focus on their environment so they can problem solve and make better decisions.

SEL begins as early as three years old with students in the Early Childhood school. All the way through twelfth grade, our teachers and advisors create a safe and supportive environment to teach students how to manage their emotions, show empathy for others, develop non-verbal communication skills, appreciate themselves, respect differences, manage conflict, and practice ethical and social responsibility.

At MVS, we grow interpersonal skills and invest in our students’ overall well-being.

Advisory in Middle School and Upper School

The MVS Advisory program is a feature in both the Middle and Upper Schools. During a student’s time in that division, he/she will have the same teacher advisor throughout his/her time in that division. This allows for the advisors and students to develop strong mentoring relationships.

Advisory meetings occur weekly throughout the school year and provide opportunities for team building, community outreach and character education. Community service planning occurs in advisory, and community service projects are carried out by advisories. Academic advising is another core component of our Advisory Program, as advisors guide students and families throughout the course selection process. At MVS, advisors are trusted advocates for their students and families.

Health & Wellness

The health and wellness program at MVS is a resource for the community to become more aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Our Health and Wellness team is made up of five individuals: our school counselor, nurse, athletic trainer, upper school health teacher, and safety & security coordinator. Students have access to at least two of these resources five days/week and can go to them for mental, emotional, and physical well-being issues as well as emergencies.

School Counseling Services at MVS

Our students’ overall well-being is paramount. In addition to our Social Emotional Learning Program in grades EC-12th grade, we have two full-time licensed professional counselors. Ms. Christie Kemper works with middle and upper school students one-on-one, student groups, and families to address a range of concerns, from stress to anxiety to grief and more. Ms. Kara Peterson assists with middle school and is the counselor for early childhood and lower school. Both counselors are trusted resources for students who have a special issue, question or concern that may have a negative impact on their overall well-being and academic experience. All students are welcome to visit their offices throughout the day.

Our Clubs

Clubs and activities at MVS ignite students’ curiosity and encourages individual interests and passions. A sampling of featured clubs can be found below, and the regularly updated offerings are on Canvas for current parents.

Clubs Available

Lower School Clubs

  • Chess Club
  • Culinary Club
  • Helping Hands
  • Holiday Baking
  • Knitting Club
  • Webby Dance

Community Service

Becoming educated, moral, and compassionate global citizens.

The Miami Valley School’s curriculum fosters in students a deep sense of humanity and a commitment to advancing peace in their community and around the globe.

One of the four core values of MVS is kindness. Learning to practice kindness requires empathetic, compassionate engagement with others in our school, our community, and around the world. We provide frequent and on-going opportunities for our students to practice kindness‚ care, both in spirit and action, about the freedom, dignity, and well-being of others. We are not alone in pursuing this ideal. We partner with companies, not-for-profits, and service organizations in Dayton and around the world which give our students unique opportunities to acquire the experience and tools to make meaningful contributions in service to others.

Giving back to the community is an integral part of the MVS culture and experience. Our Community Service program begins as early as three years old with students in the Early Childhood School. In Lower School, community service projects takes place by grade. For Middle School and Upper School, the Community Service program is more specifically incorporated throughout the year.

Serving others is a core part of who we are. Through service, we challenge students to make a change in their community and in themselves.

We cultivate empathy and awareness of others as we explore issues in our community.
We develop the skills and knowledge necessary to address the needs of our world.
We value the relationships, connections, and impact that result from meaningful service.

Middle School Community Service
Upper School Community Service

As new parents, we knew we had chosen the right place for our children when our third grade daughter was reading Shakespeare, taking multiple immersive field trips, and singing Hindi in the shower – all in the first few months of attending MVS!"

Rhonda & Stephen Chambal, parents of three MVS students

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