Ohio Tax Credit Program for Scholarship-Granting Organizations (SGO)

Did you know that you can receive an Ohio tax credit and support an MVS student at the same time?
– The Miami Valley School participates in a program that allows Ohio taxpayers to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for gifts made through the Ohio Association of Independent Schools (OAIS).
– OAIS is recognized by Ohio as a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO).
– Gifts made through an SGO are directed to need-based scholarships for MVS students.

The bottom line is that Ohio taxpayers can receive a tax credit of up to $750 for an individual or up to $1,500 for a couple filing jointly.

It’s a WIN-WIN for you as a taxpayer and for current students at MVS. 

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SGO Tax Credit FAQs

How does Ohio's SGO tax credit work?
How can I contribute to OAIS SGO?
Who benefits from my SGO contribution?
Who qualifies for Ohio's SGO tax credit?
How does a tax credit differ from a tax deduction?
Is there a limit to how much I can give, or how much tax credit I can receive?
How can I maximize my SGO contribution and tax credit?
How do I prove on my tax return that I gave to OAIS SGO?
Do I need to create an account on the OAIS SGO website?

SGO Tax Credit & The MVS Annual Fund

Is the MVS Annual Fund the same thing as an SGO?
I already gave to the MVS Annual Fund. Can I claim that gift as SGO tax credit?
Does my SGO contribution count towards my Annual Fund recognition level?


Contact Ann Smith, Chief Financial Officer, at ann.smith@mvschool.com with any questions you may have regarding this tax credit program, or consult your tax professional. MVS recommends reaching out to your tax advisor prior to making an SGO donation. 

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