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Sixth through eighth grades at The Miami Valley School are the essential bridge years in a child’s transition from lower school to upper school. Recognizing the significant social, physical, emotional, and academic development that takes place in the early adolescent years, the middle school program is geared towards helping each student successfully navigate these integral years on both an academic and a social-emotional level. The middle school program is designed with the school’s mission of developing “self-sustaining learners and compassionate global citizens” in mind.

Social-emotional development is an essential part of the middle school program at MVS. Advisory groups of 8-10 students with regular meetings provide each student an opportunity to discuss the academic, social, and developmental challenges of early adolescent life. Sixth grade advisory groups are separate while 7th & 8th graders are combined in advisory groups, allowing students and teachers to develop rapport over the course of two years. The school’s character values of integrity, celebration, grit, and kindness are reinforced through the advisory program and through the morning community meeting at the start of each day. While academic growth & development is central to the middle school’s mission, so is the development of each child’s character and values.


Sixth Grade Curriculum

Once our students get to sixth grade, they are more than ready for the exciting new learning experiences and challenges that lie ahead. Sixth grade is one of the more transformative years at MVS. It is a time of great growth academically, socially, and emotionally. Our students are given more freedom to explore their passions with additional co-curricular and athletics offerings, and electives. They have more leadership opportunities and more avenues to build community with a diverse age group. New responsibilities, classes and immersive learning opportunities await our students in sixth grade.

Courses Available:

  • English
  • Social Science: Geography
  • Mathematics: Pre-Algebra
  • Science
  • World Language: Mandarin, Spanish, and French
  • Visual Arts
  • Music: Jazz Band, A Cappella Choir, Strings, Improv
  • Physical Education
  • Makerspace/Computer Science
  • Immersion Term

Middle School

MVS gave me the meaning of true friends and a supportive community to pursue my passion for music. Nurturing my passion at MVS helped me choose my college and shape my future.”

Adele Taylor, Class of 2017

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