Lower school Mandarin students worked with MVS’ partner school in China to collaborate in project-based learning for the Mid-Autumn “Moon” Festival. This activity helped both MVS students and students in China learn a second language and participate in cultural exchange.

The students met each other in multiple Zoom meetings. In breakout rooms, students used their second language to introduce themselves, talk about their understanding of the Moon Festival, and ask a question about the Moon Festival. After discussions, all students reflected on what was challenging, what was fun, and how they could overcome language challenges.

Lower school Mandarin teacher Esther Seday wrote, “This collaboration helped enhance the students’ learning. Many students feel shy about communicating with others without using their mother language. However, these children were so happy that the languages they are learning can apply to real-life situations. They love to have friends from another country, and they are looking forward to seeing each other again.”

Congratulations to MVS alum Nola Timmins ’20 and MVS teacher Jon Graetz! Nola recently earned a highly selective Lighthouse Guild scholarship, writing her application essay about her work with upper school math teacher Jon Graetz. Not only did Nola’s application land her a scholarship, but her description of Mr. Graetz’s class also resulted in him winning the Lighthouse Guild Teacher Recognition Award, a singular honor!

Lighthouse Guild is the leading not-for-profit healthcare organization dedicated to addressing and preventing vision loss through coordinated vision and health services. Their annual scholarship is awarded to college-bound seniors who are legally blind.

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